hello, i'm joe.

I'm an independent artist from North Carolina. I have been creating visuals for over ten years and specialize in cinematography and photography.


I truly enjoy my craft and have had the good fortune of winning several awards around the world as a result of my work.


I have produced a plethora of my own projects and have as much experience in post production as I do with shooting. This gives me a well rounded understanding of the entire production process.

Let's hit the road! While some folks like to stay close to home for work, I prefer to travel, meet new people, and wake up in as many different places as possible.

have camera, will travel

Art is a window into another world. Be it peaceful or frightening, it is an escape from the everyday responsibilities and fears we endure. We all seek that escape. We all need that escape.


Convention never served me well, and while an independent journey can be lonely at times, the beauty, knowledge, and reward one can experience along the way far outweigh the risk.


I am fueled by something I will never fully understand, something that keeps me up some nights and takes me away on others. Elusive dreams churn inside my head, a locked room containing infinite stories waiting to be told. My entire life I have made choices that I believe will help me fully realize these visions that hide behind my eyes and force my hands and heart.


Most people live their entire lives without the privilege of finding something they are truly passionate about, something they believe in so much that it has the power to tear them apart in the same way it makes them whole. I feel fortunate to have found my passion.


Anything worth doing deserves heart. Put your soul into your work and when it is complete you will have something beautiful.


- Joe Stauffer

Anyone can buy the best gear, but what matters is knowing how to use it.. My primary camera is a Red Epic digital cinema camera capable of shooting in 5k RAW. What does that mean? It means that the images it produces are going to look great on anything from an iPhone to a large theater screen.


A full list of my camera, lighting, grip, sound & editing equipment is available upon request.


What do i shoot with?

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