With over two decades of experience as a cinematographer, I am a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of talent, passion, and dedication to every project I undertake. Independent by choice, I thrive on the freedom to travel to diverse locations, enriching each production with my creative vision and expertise.

My versatility sets me apart, seamlessly transitioning between key roles in both production and post-production. From capturing visuals as a cinematographer to crafting narratives through video editing, enhancing scenes with visual effects, and even composing original music scores, I offer a comprehensive skill set that enhances the value of every client's production.

What distinguishes me is my commitment to imbuing each project with a touch of soul. Whether it's a film, documentary, music video, or any other form of visual storytelling, I approach each endeavor with a deep sense of connection and authenticity, ensuring that the final result resonates with the audience.

I'd love to work with you.

Working with Joe you get the best of both worlds: he’s a consummate professional who knows his business and gets things done and he’s a creative force, entirely at home in the mysterious and playful realms of the imagination. He makes the work fun without sacrificing quality. My students and I have learned so much from working with him. He’s the greatest! Matt Cosper Theater Director, CLS Joe is a true artist in every aspect of filmmaking and he has a sensitivity to the actor's process and gives us freedom in our work. The clip I got back far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone that wants top quality work. The lighting and sound could have been straight out of any network tv or feature film from a major studio. His work is next level. Jamie Flynn Actor After 15 years of collaborating with Joe on every type of media project imaginable - feature film, commercial, industrial, social media, web content, I can give my full endorsement of his services. Joe has an uncanny ability to take the smallest of creative sparks and grow them into roaring flames on the screen. His passion and pride for the craft are undeniable…just look at anything in his portfolio. Mario Marchioni Producer Joe is a through and through professional. From camera work, advisory to editing, he is the person to step up your next project. His communication, vision and execution is the best I’ve worked with to date and I have no exception of working with another film maker in the future beside Joe.

Will Foxley Filmmaker
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